· By Adele Ball

RCR Recharged - Frame, Fitment, New Features

The rumors are true. The updated RCR is here and the next couple of posts will detail all the hot new features of the RCRs that are shipping out these days. These things include updated frames, indicators, controls, brakes, electrical, suspension, a supercharged new battery and charger. The upgrades featured on this post will come on all stock RCRs from here on out and will be stated if not otherwise. Yeah, we know, it’s not even your birthday. But you deserve it. 

So let’s start with the basics: Frames

We’ve added passenger peg mounting holes to the swing arm so you can ride two-up or just give your crush an excuse to hold you tight. Larger seat mounts mean that you can accommodate more seats and seat positions so you can throw on that king and queen seat you’ve been holding on to. **see a pattern here? Are there more ONYX options on the way…?**

We have updated the caliper bracket to be stronger, cleaner and redesigned to purchase more to give you even more stopping power. The new swingarm is reinforced to keep you steady no matter the terrain. The new frames have a large rubber battery mat to keep your battery from sliding around even on those savage trails you’re hitting. And speaking of the trails, we’ve updated our DRT tires to be better for both the roads and trails. We’ve upgraded to stronger 2.8mm thick steel handlebars. Our covers have adjustable tongues and custom locking tabs making that wood fit more snug.

The headlight ears come stamped with the ONYX logo for you to point to when that person asks “hey, what kind of bike is that?” Our new displays are mounted on stronger steel brackets with a higher quality finish to withstand the elements. And yeah, those displays are brighter during the day which makes it harder to claim you weren’t sure how fast you were going, officer. But the brightness will keep you in the loop on your battery power and mileage.

And that is just the beginning. Follow us into the light.