· By Adele Ball

RCR Recharged - High Capacity Battery ⚡️

A huge amount of effort went into creating a battery housing that is compatible with our original model frames, and still packs as many 21700 cells in as possible. Our new 40.5Amh battery is in product testing mode and we are getting 35 miles with an average speed of 38 mph and a top speed of 64.6 mph. And that’s just the first hour of riding. This battery will be available in late October 2020. 

Not only does this new battery supercharge your ride, but it also comes equipped with an Android and iOS Battery Management (BMS) app. The new BMS will display range estimates, speed (miles and kilometers), cell monitoring, temperature, realtime discharge current, regenerative charge current, voltage, event log, error flags, and graphing for parameters. Experience the power of performance-tuning your bike with your thumb.


Find the ONYX BMS App wherever you get your apps for your device.
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