RCR Battery


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41 Amp Hours

ONYX RCR GT 41Ah Battery

Say goodbye to range anxiety. Higher performance for longer. We engineered a new battery to squeeze as many cells as possible into a battery case that is backward compatible to fit with your bike, no matter the year. The battery is programmed for additional torque and a greater voltage range. It's Bluetooth enabled and comes with a companion Battery Management System App (iOS and Android compatible) so you can watch your battery at work directly from your smartphone.

Twice the range. Twice the bike.


Capacity: 41 amp hours (3,444 watt hours)

Voltage: 72 volts (nominal)

Operational Range: 84-56 volts

Dimensions: 360 x 185 x 130 mm (14.17 x 7.28 x 5.12 in.)

Weight: 37 lbs.

Cycle Life: 1000 cycles

Shipping: Flat rate $100

*Batteries cannot be used in other vehicles.