Can I throw this bike in the back of my car?
As long as the RCR fits, load it up. You won't have to worry about oil or gasoline leaking. The easiest vehicles for load and unload RCRs are, vans, trucks and SUVs.

How long does it take to ship?
Shipping time frame: 2-3 weeks depending on your location. Currently, we are experiencing slower production times due to COVID-19.

Do I need to register this bike?
ONYX RCR is limited to a top speed of 20 mph and 750 watt to comply with federal electric bike regulations. ONYX RCR classifications vary by state and local laws. Check in with your local DMV. You can read more about Federal E-Bike Legislation here.

Can I register my bike as a moped?
Yes, you register you bike as a moped. For example, in California you can register online or by mail. All that is required is your bikes serial number and pay a one time registration fee of $22.00 and your bike is registered for life.

Can it accommodate a passenger?
Yes, the combined limit for 2 riders is 350 lbs. 

How much does this bike weigh?
145 lbs stock. All of our accessories only add 5 lbs to the bike. 

Do we offer financing?
Yes, we offer a payment plan with Klarna. It is a monthly payment service. Klarna doesn’t start charging immediately so you might see $0 until the bike ships. There is no penalty to pay extra each month - but you must always pay the minimum amount every month. Call us or Klarna with questions!

Do we offer test rides?
YES! You can set up a meeting with a technician at one of our shops in Thousands Oaks or San Francisco. Contact us here.