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RCR 72V 1.5

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Wear properly fitting protective gear including at minimum: full-face helmet, gloves, long pants, long sleeve bright colored shirt, full-toed shoes, and a reflective vest. Do not wear loose fitting pants or shoes that can get caught in the chain, pedals, or wheels. Additional items that can make your riding experience safer, better, and more comfortable can include sunglasses (that will fit and work with your helmet) and a jacket. Be careful wearing anything that can limit your flexibility, mobility, or vision.



  • + Be sure to switch on headlight at low visibility. When your bike is on there will always be a running light halo on.
  • + Obey all traffic regulations.
  • + Use hand signals when turning or changing lanes.
  • Please respect property of others and ride carefully.
  • Keep your feet on the pedals at all times. Keep the pedals level, especially on turns.
  • + After reaching maximum speed, reduce the throttle
  • opening to 3/4. While the reduction in speed will hardly be noticeable, energy consumption nonetheless will be considerably reduced.
  • + Remember that regenerative (regen) braking is very
  • strong and can sometimes slow the bike to a stop alone but it can be unreliable especially at a full battery charge

Getting the maximum performance out of the Onyx RCR requires taking great care of its battery.


Constantly removing the battery from the Onyx RCR
itself and removing the wood cover constantly is not
necessary to charge the Onyx RCR battery.
There is an open port in the front of the body
to slide out the XLR charging cable. Plug the the
charger into a standard wall electrical outlet before
plugging the stock charger cable into the batteries
XLR charging cable.

If you do remove the battery, place a small towel in
the gap between the seat and wood battery cover
to protect your seat from scratching when removing
the battery cover.


When the (Standard 5 Amp) Onyx RCR
charger light turns green that means 97%
(83.3 volts) of the charge is complete. The
remaining 3% to charge to 100% (84.0 volts)
takes 95 more minutes after the charger
light turns green. This last 3% is called
“constant voltage” and is done through
trickle charging.

It is okay to charge (5 amps) the Onyx RCR to
97% (83.3 volts) (charger light turns green)
and go for a ride. But this means that when
your battery gets below 68 volts, it may cut
out sooner.

Getting the maximum performance out of the Onyx RCR requires taking great care of its battery.


Become familiar with the amount of battery sag full throttle causes in eco mode, normal mode, and sports mode. Sag is described as the amount of electricity drawn depending on how much throttle is given. On a colder day it is not uncommon at full throttle for the voltage sag to be 7 volts and on warmer days for it to be between 4 volts to 5 volts.

• Each mode limits the amount of sag.
• Eco mode will help prevent cut offs by reducing battery sag.
• The amount of throttle given directly controls the
amount of battery sag.


When the amount of battery sag falls below 59 volts with a 23ah battery, the Onyx RCR will turn off. Cut off occurs because the battery management
is protecting the batteries from damage. If it completely cuts out you will need to toggle physical
on/off switch on your battery and use your key fob
to unlock the bike.

One way to prevent the Onyx RCR with 23ah battery
from completely cutting off is to immediately activate
regenerative braking by using your rear brake.

If you have a 41ah battery and your voltage
drops bellow 56 volts, the battery will cut out and
immediately come back on after 10 seconds.


Download our battery management system application for your 41Ah battery below!

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