Product Liability Waiver

Product Liability Waiver

By executing this express waiver, I acknowledge that  Onyx bikes and all components parts are subject to express limited warranties which are provided with the bike (CALL +1 831-387-6553 if you do not receive the warranties or would like a copy emailed to you .  Please separately read all such limited  warranties.

IN ALL EVENTS, Onyx is not responsible for your decision to install, removal or replace bike components. This waiver hereby releases Onyx from any liability of injury, death, property damage (including your bike), or any other liability associated with any modifications made to the bike by the purchaser or ultimate recipient,  including modifications whether using parts and/or relying  on parts purchased independently through Onyx or third parties, including those  harvested by you or others from other Onyx bikes.  Customer agrees that Onyx is not responsible for advice, postings or comments offered through websites or other forms of social medial related to  modifications or enhancements, including advise supplied by other Onyx customers, whether posted on Onyx or other social media accounts.  Modifications, whether enhancements, removals or replacements, including of the batteries, other than directly by or as authorized Onyx, or of speed or safety controls,  can and will adversely affect all manners in which the vehicle handles, operates, and reacts, which could impact your safety.   Always remember to wear a helmet and ride safety! By providing consent below, you agree to supply a copy of this disclosure and your consent, together with all other warranties  and disclosure we provide to any person who succeeds to ownership of the product you hereby purchase.  

 By checking this box, I acknowledge  I am purchasing the product for my own use and not for resale and that I have read and agree to this Product Liability Waiver.  

Assembly Notice and Waiver

The vehicle requires assembly of the front wheel by purchaser. Purchaser shall install the front wheel on the vehicle and use the vehicle according to the directions, limitations and warranties provided to you on order of with the bike, including by text, image, and video directions. Purchaser may also contact Onyx customer service with any questions regarding such assembly. Failure of purchaser to properly install the front wheel or use the vehicle shall operate as a waiver of the breach of warranty, releasing Onyx from any liability whatever, including, but not limited to, liability of injury, death, or property damage.  IF YOU ARE NOT CONFIDENT IN YOUR INSTALLATION –SEEK PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE BEFORE USE. 


By checking this box, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to this Assembly Notice and Waiver provision.