Dropped? Wrecked? DON'T PANIC!
We know the pain of letting your bike slip between your fingers, its next to stepping in dogshit. But hey, don't scream at your neighbors just yet... You're able to get your bike fully-serviced at our facility. Broken lever or loose chain, we got you!

All services will be limited to ONYX OEM parts and accessories, no additional customizations/modifications can be performed at this time.

You can drop the bike off, or if it is a simple fix, we have a chill-charging station to hang around in while we finish up. We have a standard hourly service rate at $85/hour. Some fixes don't take too long! If you are having your bike rebuilt, please allow for up to two weeks before its completed.

You will be subject to a $85 assessment fee upon dropping off your bike. Once we have made an initial assessment of your bike and created an estimate, you will be responsible for paying the estimate in full prior to any work being done on your bike.

We're open from 9AM to 12pm for drop off's, and 10AM to 4PM for Service Bike Pick ups. If you are having your bike shipped to our facility for service, please make arrangements with USHIP or another trusted shipping company to ensure your bike is delivered. You will be responsible for all shipping charges to and from the warehouse.


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